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So this is the first proper post-summer holiday week of the year. There are still some holidaymakers about, but most of the coastal villages of the south coast have returned to normal. So, when I pulled up at Gerroa, mine was the only car in the parking bays. For someone as deeply antisocial as me, that’s hugely satisfying. 😂 As always when I rock up at Seven Mile, I had high hopes for the sunset and while the early colour was great, it did unfortunately fizz. However I got a consolation prize in the form of a small electrical storm which passed over the top of Nowra to the south.

Not sure why I liked this one the most from the images I captured on this particular evening. It’s not the most colourful shot (usually my thing) and it’s not got that much going on (I like a bit of foreground) but I like the vibe it gives off. It’s a classic Seven Mile sunset.


Seven Mile Beach at Gerroa is my ‘go to’ beach as it’s a short drive from my house and offers a flexible number of landscapes in one small area. You can shoot on the beach, on the reserve by the boat ramp, over the rocks behind Crooked River or round the corner at Black Head.

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