After the Storm – Rainbows and Dragons

Clouds are good. Not all the time of course and not at low level so you feel all hemmed in by them, but on the whole, clouds are great. There were some awesome clouds around yesterday after the big storm here passed out to sea. I went out to get myself some beer for the evening, noticed a rainbow and finally made it back home three hours later. In between I photographed the rainbow in Berry, the pastures on Coolangatta Road, an old statue at Mountain Ridge winery, the oyster beds in Shoalhaven Heads and the estuary near the beach. When it comes to photography, I just go with the flow.

Bit of a rainbow over Berry. The start of my three hour photography expedition. 🙂


Up the road overlooking the pastures of the Lord family farm.


Well this one worked out alright. I really like this tree. I’ve photographed it on many occasions, but I think it looks at its best with a spectacular sunray glowing behind it.


Sun blasting through the clouds.


This dragon is all that’s left of a statuery that used to operate over the road from here. I’ve always resisted the urge to photograph but today, with a dramatic looking sunset behind Mount Coolangatta to back-light it – I thought, why not.


Next stop was Hay Avenue in the Heads. Before I flew the drone here I took some shots on the water’s edge.


Love the perspective of this drone 180º.


Setting sun sending everything bronzey.


Only about 15m up in the air here – looking west.


I pushed the drone into the estuary a bit further to catch a 180º showing just river and mountain.


Another tree that I’ve photographed a fair bit. On one occasion I paddled a kayak over to it.


Light disappearing behind a cloud bank.


Next stop was the top the Heads near the tourist park. Sun looked awesome at this point – very clear being shaded by the clouds.


180º right above River Road Reserve.


Last shot of the night. The colour faded from this point on, but I felt like I’d got some good mileage out of this sunset.

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