Cloud forecast wasn’t looking terrific, but I’m trying to get back into sunrise photography mode, which means going out with the cameras even when you’re fairly sure it’s not going to be a classic.  I looked at the clouds and decided fairly quickly that I would only fly the Mavic and leave the Canon in the bag. Had some fun photographing the early morning mist, some 180º panos and at the end, the group of folks that congregate at the beach in the very early mornings.


Did this pano almost as soon as I got to the beach. That’s the surf club building on the left and the edge of the river estuary on the right.


Reverse sunrise looking towards the mountain. Check out all that mist down by the river.


There are some off-leash and on-leash dog walk sections of Shoalhaven Heads Beach.


Bit of back-lighting from the rising sun over the misty river entrance.


Hello to Scott and his daughter Charlie who introduced themselves this morning – hope you got some good shots, Charlie.


Favourite for the day? Yes, I think so – I like how the path’s positioned right in the centre.


Sun pushing through the low clouds.


These are the waves that catch you out when you’re walking down the beach.


Lots of folks coming and going – taking photos, exercising and walking the dog.


Sun finally breaks through the low clouds and the tone of the landscape changes instantly.


Bright sunrise tones.


Looking north up Seven Mile.


Here’s the sunrise crew – you see the same faces regularly down at the beach – everyone doing their own morning rituals.


Last shot of the day, a 180º with the sun well and truly up.