Photo of the Day – Shoalhaven Heads – 25/03/17

Shoalhaven Heads
Hot off the presses, here’s a shot from this morning’s sunrise on Seven Mile Beach. Interesting note about this shot from a technical perspective. The lens that I use for most of my shots is a very wide angle 10-22mm. About three years ago, I fell on this lens down at Camel Rock (trying to get over the rocks to Horsehead at high tide – fellow photographers will know what I mean!) and broke something inside it. It hasn’t auto-focused since (yes, pretty much every photo I’ve taken since has been manually focused) and it also comes apart quite easily. Over the years I have discovered I can kind of emulate a lens called a tilt-shift to create some cool effects that heavily blur portions of the image far beyond the aperture it is ordinarily capable of (f4.5). And that’s what I used for this shot on the dunes, as the sun was coming up over the horizon. Nice bit of swell down at the beach this morning and a not completely shit weather forecast for today. Alright team, keep it real and I’ll catch you all tomorrow. 🙂
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