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Photo of the Day – Shoalhaven Heads – 04/03/17

Shoalhaven Heads
As I’ve gained more experience, so the way that I process photos has changed too. When I took this particular shot, seven years ago, down at Hay Avenue, I processed it using various techniques in Photoshop. But over time I’ve realised that my original interpretations were heavy-handed and so I’ve been revisiting the digital negatives of quite a lot of my early digital photos. Unlike my original release of this image, this is one single shot, not a combination of exposures. It has been edited simply from the original negative (called a RAW file) and is a much truer representation of the sky on this particular sunset than my prior efforts. This was one of the best sunsets I’ve ever seen. I took it at one of my favourite shots taken at Hay Avenue in Shoalhaven Heads which will always be one of my favourite ‘go to’ spots, though it has become increasingly popular over the years. Anyway – hope you’re all enjoying your weekend – have a good one and I’ll catch you all tomorrow 🙂
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