Hole in the Wall beach – 28/04/17

Hole in the Wall
Goooooood morning Vietnam, sorry, I man Facebook. How are we all? We’re well into autumn here in south coast NSW and the deciduous trees are wearing their autumn finery. I haven’t been out leaf-peeping yet because I never seem to have much luck with that – I usually end up driving around the southern highlands for hours and only ever find the odd lonely tree and not some majestic avenue stretching off into the horizon like a scene from Game of Thrones. Ah well, I’ve always got the beaches. And what a beach Hole in the Wall is – one of Booderee’s little secrets, hidden in plain sight. It never gets the same traffic as somewhere like nearby Green Patch or Murrays for the simple reason that it’s a 300m walk down the hill and folks don’t like lugging all their beach stuff that distance. Those of us who do make the effort are richly rewarded however and if you choose to stick around until sunset, you might see something like this. Cheers all, enjoy your Friday, the weekend is here. 🙂
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