Photo of the Day – Gerroa – 22/03/17

Well blimey, what do you know, strike a light, blow me down with a feather, lawks a lawdy, heavens above – we finally got a sunset last night. Now the irony of this (given how much I have been complaining about the last 30 days of grey shite) is that I’d have missed the best of it. I had my nose buried in my computer screen and was oblivious to the clouds and the gap on the horizon. Fortunately Ryan Twemlow (son of fellow south coast photographer Greg) did spot it and Greg was kind enough to message me and caused me to rotate my head 90ยบ to the left and look out of the window, and before the ‘ping’ noise of that text had died away, I was in my car and en route to Gerroa. So, it turned out to be a classic Gerroa sunset, enjoyed by a few lucky souls down on the beach. Very energising it was too and accompanied by a vibrant rainbow to the east. This was my favourite shot from the evening – awesome colours, great reflections and exactly the sort of scene I love photographing. Have a great Wednesday team and if you want to see what I got up to for sunrise today, be sure to check out my Instagram story feed at ๐Ÿ™‚
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