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Photo of the Day – Gerroa – 03/02/17

Hey gang, guess what! Yep, it’s still raining. The old drone hasn’t been out of its box in 10 days and the DSLR is having trouble distinguishing between the various shades of grey in the sky. Much more on its way here too, with a punchy little low pressure system sitting off the coast and about to drop 100mm of wet on us this weekend alone. Still, it could be worse, I could be on holiday down here – lol. Anyway, you guys may recall the amazing sunset I was fortunate enough to photograph down on Seven Mile about two weeks ago. Well, I also flew the drone that evening and caught some cool shots before I decided to let the big sensor on my Canon take the strain of capturing all that colour. This was the last image I took before landing, as the oranges and reds started to really take hold of the sky. Have a good one guys, enjoy your weekend, and if you’re local to me – stay safe! Cheers team 🙂
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