Photo of the Day – 23/11/16 – Point Perpendicular

Point Perpendicular
Well now a very happy Wednesday one and all. I had been meaning to fly my drone at Point Perpendicular for some time and this was pretty much the photo that I pictured in my mind’s eye. Taking photos with a drone means I can place the camera precisely where I want it, rather than accepting the pot luck of a helicopter or light airplane flight, so I was able to frame this shot the way I wanted. Those cliffs are 100m high and, as you can see, popular with rock climbers and unpopular with sufferers of vertigo. The old lighthouse on the right was decommissioned in 1993 and replaced by the boring solar-powered metal tower on the left. The lovely buildings on the site are closed for the 99% of the year which, I think, is a crying shame – it would be an incredible place for a visitors centre or cafe or even a learning centre of some kind. Being located with a weapons range makes matters difficult admittedly, but still, what an amazing resource to neglect. In the distance you can see Target Beach which is a great surf spot and usually a quiet one since it’s a good walk to get there. Beyond that in the far distance is Callala Beach. Cheers team 🙂
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