Photo of the Day – 22/11/16 – Honeymoon Bay

Honeymoon Bay
There are a few well known locations here in south coast NSW that always get mentioned by visitors. And I’d say somewhere near the top of the list of those favourite spots would have to be Honeymoon Bay. This small crescent shaped inlet is located on the northern side of Jervis Bay. You can only visit Honeymoon at weekends and during NSW holidays, because it’s located within the Australian Navy’s Beecroft Weapons Range which is in use during the week and therefore not very conducive to relaxation. Honeymoon’s just about the perfect beginners spot for snorkelling and the ancient ‘dad’ art of floating-on-your-back-doing-bugger-all-and-loving-it. There are extensive campgrounds behind the beach where you can stay, but it’s so popular that it’s first-come/first-served at weekends and you can only stay there in the long summer holidays by entering a lottery which itself is only open between July and August. So it’s a genuine privilege if you are lucky enough to get yourself a pitch here, particularly in the summer. Anyway, this is what it looks like from the air and it’s pretty obvious what draws people here, isn’t it? Many thanks to Ros for this morning’s coffee – I had a lovely large latte from the Milkwood Bakery here in Berry. Cheers team. 🙂
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