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Pastel Sunrise on a Wind-Blown Seven Mile Beach
I didn't actually set the alarm clock for sunrise this morning, but Catherine did because she was going running, so I got up anyway and was treated to a lovely pastel sunrise.
Burst of Colour on Berrys Beach
Winds had moved most of the high level cloud to the north, but there was still a decent spray of the good stuff to back-light the sunrise on Berrys Beach.
Peaceful Skies Above Seven Mile Beach National Park
No promise of cloud, but not promise of wind either, so I headed out to Seven Mile and photographed the sunrise from the golf course end of the beach.
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I make an effort to head out to photograph the local landscape every day. Quite often I will head out for sunrise (usually at one of the local beaches) and, if the skies are looking good I’ll head out for sunset too. In a sense these collections are like photo diaries too as I often make note of anything that catches my eye.

Sunset at Hanging Rock

I was in Nowra on family taxi duties and had an hour to kill at sunset, so I drove up to the showground and photographed the sunset from the picturesque Hanging Rock above the Shoalhaven River.

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