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Dawn of the Paranoid Cone-heads – Adventures in Photography

I’m asked about my drone on a pretty regular basis. How far does it go? How high can it go? What model is it? How much did it cost? Is it easy to fly? I’m more than happy to answer any question that’s thrown at me. But I had one last night that was a new one on me and I thought I’d share.

I was flying my drone at a local beach, out over the ocean, looking back at the land. I took off from a quiet beach car park and was happily minding my own business taking landscape shots. As I was bringing the drone back, a bloke shouts to me from the passenger side of a shitty old green Holden.

“What are you photographing?”

“Ermmm, everything.”

“But what specifically?”

“Nothing specifically.”

“What are you photographing right now?”

“Right now I’m photographing the cliffs.”

The light’s changed and I decide to bring the drone back. I land the Phantom 4 at the other end of the car park and as I’m walking back, the bloke in the Holden calls out again.

“Where else can you fly that thing?”

At this point I go over to the car and notice that the guy’s eyes are about as bloodshot as you can get. Him and his mate have clearly been smoking cones and, judging by the state of them, quite a few. The penny drops. He’s a paranoid druggie.

“I can fly it anywhere.”

“Like in the countryside where there’s no people?”

“Yea, I can fly it in the countryside.”

“Well why don’t you do that, instead of invading people’s privacy.”

“The drone was 100m up in the air, whose privacy do you think I was invading.”

“Everyone’s. You should fly that fucking thing somewhere else.”

I look him up and down and I look at his mate in the drivers seat and they’re both clearly off their tits. I decide to leave them to it. As I’m walking away the paranoid cone-head asks me if I’m local.

“Yes, I’m local.”

“Where do you live.”

Haha. As bloody if mate. I pack up and drive off to my next location for the day, down at nearby Seven Mile Beach. I’ve met all sorts of people when I’m out taking photos, but two bonged out arseholes stressing their tits off about my ‘eye in the sky’ – that’s a new one.

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