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Welcome to my collection of articles. You can find longer posts here covering everything from my love (/sarcasm) of 500px to transitioning from DSLR to drone photography.

Post-Processing Isn’t a Crime

In this humungous interconnected networked world of ours, in which you can welcome the planet to view your words, pictures or videos, …

Ten Things Every Landscape Photographer Learns the Hard Way

Landscape photography can be a troublesome hobby thanks to its reliance on the weather, but we photographers don’t make our lives any easier some times. Here are ten home truths I’ve picked up along the way to photographic enlightenment.

The Slow Death of ©opyright

In an era when everyone totes a high performance point and shoot camera with them, handily incorporated into a global telecommunications device/pocket super-computer, …

10 Awesome Sites for Photographers

Looking to progress your photography? Looking for some inspiration for a shoot or perhaps some technical knowledge? Here’s 10 awesome sites you …